If you’re planning a short-distance move in New Jersey, we have 5 stress-free local moving tips that will make your moving day a comfortable and pleasant experience.

We all dream of the perfect local move where everything is safe, orderly and happens on schedule. But when moving day arrives, this is rarely the case. Though you’re only moving a short distance, moving locally can be a real challenge if you aren’t prepared.

Fortunately, there are some simple actions you can take to reduce stress on moving day and even turn it into a fun event. After all, you’re moving to a new place, so why not start things off on the right foot?

These 5 local moving tips will help you do that.

Stress-free Local Moving Tip #1: Prepare Early

The moment you decide to move is the moment you should start planning. This may not sound like a critical tip, but it is. The less you must worry about in the days leading up to your move, the less stressed you’ll feel. Start with this pre-moving checklist to organize your move.

  1. Give yourself plenty of time – at least a few months
  2. Find a reputable local moving company
  3. Make a list of everything in each room
  4. Pick a date and time you can work backward from
  5. Reach out to the town or city to see if there are any special considerations
  6. Talk to your family about the move and request their help
  7. Alter your employer when you’ll be moving


There is another moving checklist available for your convenience.

Tip #2: Declutter

Remember those lists you just made? Go through them right away and decide what you’re keeping and what will be sold, donated or trashed. The less stuff you must organize and pack (next tip) the easier it will go. You’ll also start to feel in control of your move, rather than dreading it as it gets closer.

Tip #3: Pack in Stages

Now that you’ve decluttered, take your updated room inventory lists and decide what can be packed and when. For example, non-essential items like books, out-of-season clothes and other items you won’t need in the next month or two can all be packed ahead of time.

Work back from there, packing your belongings in order of priority. By the time moving day rolls around, you’ll have packed everything in easy stages and only have your absolute moving day essentials to bring.

Tip #4: Have a Backup Plan

With a good plan and a reliable moving company, your move should go according to schedule. But, as you know, things don’t always work out perfectly. If you create a plan for inclement weather, traffic obstructions, and other problems that cause delays, you’ll know how to react and won’t stress if things do go a little off-track.

Tip #5: Think Locally

Make sure there are no major events going on in your town on the day of your move. Find local movers in New Jersey who know the area (they know plenty of tricks to expedite the process in the area). Finally, make sure the moving truck you’re hiring can get to your new home – some local streets can be a very tight fit!

If you follow these 5 stress-free local moving tips, you’ll feel confident and comfortable on moving day.
Just remember to breathe!

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