Moving to a new place can be a challenging experience, and many times it can bring in a lot of stress. That’s why you have to do all you can to eliminate the frustration and create a moving day checklist right away. Here you can find some of the best moving tips that will help you work with the reliable New Jersey movers and take your moving experience to the next level.

Pack a first night box

In this box, you have to add the essential items that you may need in order to have a comfortable night at the new place. Bed linen, kitchen utensils, mugs and a kettle will be just about all you may need in here.

Reserve a parking space for the moving truck

This is very important because not a lot of buildings have a lot of parking space. So, you have to do all you can to make sure that your movers have their own parking space, as that will make the process faster and easier.

Work with the movers

Communicate and make sure that your NJ moving company knows what to move first and if you have any items that need to be handled with extra care. Setting aside the items that you want to take in your car is also a crucial thing to focus on. Point out all the antique items so that the movers are very careful with those items. Most of the time, movers treat such items as regular furniture and when it breaks because of the lack of communication, they are simply cannot be held responsible.

Create a quick plan

Think where you can place the furniture in the new place and identify other potential changes you want to make as you arrive. Also, put a note on boxes that you have to unpack right away, those that can be unpacked the next day and then you can focus on those that are ok to unbox in the next few days. be sure that you know how to safely lift heavy moving boxes while organizing.

Prepare the new house

Make sure that your new house is unlocked when the movers in New Jersey arrive at it. This is indeed very important, and it can help make the moving process a whole lot easier.

Remove any dangerous or flammable items

These can endanger the entire moving process, so avoid using them. What you may want to do is to take these items in your car or hire a professional team to handle this type of specific items.

Take a reading for the electricity and gas as well as water meters

Do this at your old home, but do that at the new home too. Maybe you can even take a picture as proof. This will allow you to stay up to date with all the bills that you may have to pay.

Lock the doors, turn off all the lights, stop all water and gas sources

When you leave the old home, stop everything from water to gas, electricity and make sure that the doors are locked until the new owner arrives.

These are the best moving tips that you want to focus on when you work with an NJ moving company. Keep all of these great ideas in mind, and you will find that the entire moving process will be a lot easier in the end!

Vector Moving team wishes you good luck on your moving day. Contact us at 201-273-9500 if you can any questions or guidance!