How to Prepare for Moving Day: Tips from the Pros

You’ve followed our advice about 5 local moving tips, 7 long-distance moving tips, 9 residential moving tips and 6 office move tips. Now its time to prepare for moving day so your relocation is quick, easy and comfortable.

Moving day can be an exciting time and much less stressful than you think if you plan! We’ve discussed how to plan for all types of moves to make your move a stress-free experience. But moving day is different than planning. Moving day is when everything happens – when the movers arrive, your belongings are loaded onto trucks and ultimately moved into your new home or office.

So, how do you prepare for moving day so it goes smoothly and according to plan?

Coordinate with Your Movers

Every reliable moving company will make communication a priority. You should too. Get in touch with your movers NJ one day prior to your move to do a final check that everything is ready to go.

When you scheduled your move, the moving company should have put together a plan, broken down into phases or by the hour, for how your move will go. It’s important to run through this list with your movers so everyone is on the same page.

Know the Plan

Keeping your entire moving plan in your head isn’t a good idea. We suggest you print out all your moving documents: the inventory lists, timeline, moving company information and anything else you may need to know. You can keep this on your phone or tablet as well, but something about having a printed list in your hands makes it easy to follow.

Pack Essentials

Packing an essentials bag is an important way to prepare for moving day. This bag is your go-bag. It’s got everything you need to survive for 24 hours. Start with snacks, water, important files, pet supplies, books, work materials and toys for the kids. You’ll have to adapt your essentials bag for your needs, but make sure you do this ahead of time. There’s nothing worse than realizing the keys to your new home are packed away in one of the boxes on the moving truck!

Have a Backup Plan

If you read our article about moving timeframes, then you should have a good idea of when your move will be complete. However, unexpected events can happen. If there’s a flash flood, 8 feet of snow, or a town-wide emergency, you want to have a backup plan. If you need to spend the night in a hotel, which hotel will it be? Where will you keep your car? What happens if the move is delayed by a day or more?

This rarely happens but think of your backup plan as insurance. As you prepare for moving day, this will give you a little more peace of mind.

Remember to Breathe

Finally, just remember to breathe. That’s right. Take 10 deep breaths. Think of moving day as an adventure. If you prepare for moving day in advance and hire the best NJ movers for your needs, there’s no reason that moving day has to be stressful!

Moving day might be a ways off, but if you are planning a move or ready to get started, contact Vector Moving today for a free quote!